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Powerful Collaborations: Building a Movement for Social Change
Community Research Network 2003 Conference Newsletter
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Read about the (Community Research) Network and science shops in a recent article published in Nature magazine.

Richard Sclove's recent article, "Reclaiming Choice" can be found in the Fall 2001 edition of Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures.

Finley, Sarah L., "Tailoring technology to our needs", Daily Hampshire Gazette, (December 28, 2001)


"Interview with Loka Founder and Advisory Board member, Richard Sclove in CIO Magazine, October 1, 2000."

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Crabtree, Brad, Jill Chopyak, and Clifford Cobb.  The Great Data Paradox: Threats to the Integrity of the Federal Data System in the Information Age (Washington, DC: Redefining Progress, May 1999),  100 pp. http://www.rprogress.org/pubs/publist.html (link broken)

"Community-Based Research: Research for Action" The Evaluation Exchange / Harvard Family Research Project. November 1999. (Adobe Acrobat is needed to download this article.) 

Article in Inquiry in Action, January 1999: "Building a Network That Supports Community-Based Research."

Loka Article in PRAGmatics: The Journal of Community-Based Research, Winter 1999, Vol 2, Num 1.: "Ode to the Pioneers of Collaborative Research."

Guston, David.  "Evaluating the First U.S. Consensus Conference: The Impact of the Citizens' Panel on Telecommunications and the Future of Democracy."  Science, Technology and Human Values, vol. 24, no. 4 (Autumn 1999): pp. 451-482. 

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Design Criteria and Political Strategies for Democratizing Technology" in Democratizing Technology: Theory and Practice of a Deliberative Technology Policy, ed. Rene von Schomberg (Hengelo, The Netherlands: International Centre for Human and Public Affairs, 1999), pp. 17-38.


Loka Institute Editorial in Science magazine, Feb. 27, 1998: "Support the democratization of U.S. science and technology policy."

Sclove, Richard E. Loka Institute "For U.S. Science Policy, It's Time for a Reality Check," Editorial in The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 23, 1998: pp. B1, B4-B5. Also printed in Inquiry in Action, January 1999.

"Research by the People" - Loka article in the UTNE Reader (Summer 1998)

Science News Cover Article (Nov. 7, 1998) based on Loka's July 1998 report on Community-Based Research in the United States.

Allen, John L., Jr. "Activists Warn of New Perils Emerging in the Digital Age," NationalCatholic Reporter (1 May 1998), p. 7.

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Guston, David. "Evaluating the Impact of the First U.S. Citizens' Panel on 'Telecommunications and the Future of Democracy'" Paper prepared for delivery at the 1998 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Boston, Sept. 3-6, 1998 (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University, Edward J. Bloustein School Working Paper No. 5, 9/3/98). 

Raloff, Janet.  "Democratizing Science," Science News, vol. 54, no. 19 (7 November 1998): pp. 298-300 (cover story).

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Sclove, Richard E., Madeleine Scammell, and Breena Holland, with the assistance of Faranaz Alimohamed, Jeff Hobson, Tim Johnston, Danny Murphy, Dug North, Marcie A. Sclove, Tina Swift, and Scott Waltz. Community-Based Research in the United States: An Introductory Reconnaissance, Including Twelve Organizational Case Studies and Comparison with the Dutch Science Shops and with the Mainstream American Research System. Amherst, MA: The Loka Institute, July 1998. (We are out of hardcopies of this publication. It can be downloaded for a
$6.00 fee sent to:
The Loka Institute, PO Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004)

Sclove, Richard and Madeleine Scammell. "Research By the People," YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, no. 6 (Summer 1998), p. 20, 34.

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Hackman, Sandra. "First Line: And Now a Word From Your Neighbors." Technology Review, vol. 100, no. 6 (Aug./Sept. 1997), p.5. [Editor's introduction about the pilot Citizens Panel on "Telecommunications and the Future of Democracy" spearheaded by the Loka Institute.]

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Prior to 1993

Scheuer, Jeffrey, and Richard Sclove. "Ways to Reach Voters Changing: Electronic Town Hall...Has Its Flaws," Sunday Topic, The Houston Post, 23 Aug. 1992, pp. C1 and C6.

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"From Alchemy to Atomic War: Frederick Soddy's 'Technology Assessment' of Atomic Energy, 1900-1915," Science, Technology & Human Values, vol. 14, no. 2 (Spring 1989), pp. 163-194.

"The Loka Institute: Cultivating Democratic Politics of Technology," Meadowcreek Notes, no. 18 (Winter 1988), pp. 8-9.

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