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Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life IndicatorsSM:

Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators Desk Reference Manual A collaborative effort between Hazel Henderson and The Calvert Group; edited by Hazel Henderson, Jon Lickerman and Patrice Flynn.


Offers a comprehensive, easy to use, picture of the overall well-being of the nation, statistically verifiable, grounded in empirical knowledge, and rigorous in its treatment of a wide range of aspects of life. This volume was created by a multi-disciplinary group of practictioners and scholars from government agencies, for-profit firms, and nonprofit organizations who see the need for more practical and sophisticated metrics of societal conditions.

It is our hope that the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life IndicatorsSM reference manual will be used to educate the public; broaden the debate about our quality of life; hold government and business accountable; and clarify the multiple choices we make as individuals in our work, education, leisure, and civic commitments.

The Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life IndicatorsSM, co-edited by Hazel Henderson, is a unique collection of essays by experts in 12 key areas, including employment, education, national security, infrastructure, public safety, shelter, health and income. The goal is to provide a set of assessment tools that can give a better picture of our well-being than traditional indicators, such as gross national product. - The Futurist online Newsletter, FUTURIST UPDATE, March, 2000

A highly sophisticated socio-economic ecosystem mapping of developments in the U.S... that stands in sharp contrast to the simplistic "everything is getting better and better" theme of much contemporary reporting. - Elise Boulding, Former Secretary-General, Emerita Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College.

The C-HQoLISM are important to anyone who cares about a sensible economy, a healthy planet and a liveable life for all grandchildren. We must get beyond the flawed macro-economic indicators and archaic accounting which now distort societal deliberations and decisions, and this book is a sensible, significant step in the right direction. - Dee W. Hock, Founder and CEO Emeritus, VISA

Thanks for sharing a copy of your new book with me... I have passed your material along to my advisors. President Bill Clinton

The C-HQoLISM are timely and cogent... a solid foundation for the difficult decision-making that lies immediately ahead. Without these Indicators, how will we know when progress has been made? -Theodore Gordon, Founder and former CEO, The Futures Group (now a part of Deloitte Touche)

The book is excellent! The energy Indicator is great. -Richard L. Ottinger, former Member of Congress, Dean Emeritus, Pace University School of Law, New York

A major contribution to the social indicators field. Invites communities and nations to apply these Indicators. -Clement Bezold, Ph.D., President, The Institute for Alternative Futures, Alexandria, VA, author of Anticipatory Democracy

I admire the important work you have done... to make us think as a people, how do we measure success? -Professor Mark Albion, former Professor, Harvard Business School, author, Making a Living: Making a Life

This book makes an immense contribution to both building a more comprehensive vision of what makes a healthy society, and to build a more dynamic model to understand indicators in an interacting systems context. -Steven Waddell, Ph.D., MBA, Senior Consultant, Organizational Futures, Inc., Providence, R.I. Former Director, Van City Credit, Vancouver, Canada

The C-HQoLISM is one of the most hopeful developments of recent times. We desperately need tools to assess true human well-being with more than monetary, material measures; this book is a splended start in providing such a tool. -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., C.S. and D.J. Davidson Professor

The C-HQoLISM are a big step forward in helping us measure progress or the lack thereof. My congratulations to the Calvert Group for sponsoring this and for Hazel Henderson for another pioneering  contribution. - Lester Brown, President, Worldwatch Institute, author, State of the World reports.

"Many thanks for sending me the quite extraordinary Quality-of-Life-Indicators. Bravo! Great work." -Jeff Gates, author, The Ownership Solution and Democracy at Risk.

As the US transitions from an industrial economy to an information economy it is incumbent upon our government to restructure how we measure GNP and GDP. It is essential so that we might more judiciously spend tax-payers dollars. The Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators (or this book) is the foundation upon which national indicators must build. It is a systems approach that better reflects the "real world"! A must read for every Member of Congress, agency officials and especially, economic reporters and pundits. - Claudine Schneider, Chairman, The U.S. Committee for the UNDP, Former Member of the US Congress

".....represents the kind of clear vision and thinking that we have come to expect from Hazel Henderson." -Charles Halpern, President, Nathan Cummings Foundation

The cost is $19.95 plus $3.50 S&H, and checks should be sent and made out to The Loka Institute.


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