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Other CRN Publications

        Worthington, Richard, December 2007, "Community-Based Research and Technoscience Activism: A Review of the Living Knowledge 3 Conference," Science as Culture, Vol. 16, No. 4, 475-480.

Jorgensen, Michael. October 2003 "Perspectives of NGOs, universities, researchers and students on co-operation through science shops ." Community Research Network Conference 2003.

Mayfield, Loomis, Maureen Hellwig and Brian Banks. April 1998. "The Chicago Response to Urban Problems: Building University / Community Collaborations." The Great Cities Institute, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, University of Illinois at Chicago .

Murphy, Danny, Madeleine Scammell, and Richard Sclove, Eds. 1997. Doing Community-Based Research: A Reader. Amherst, MA and Knoxville, TN: The Loka Institute and Community Partnership Center, The University of Tennessee.

Raffensperger, Carolyn, ed. The Networker: The Newsletter of the Science and Environmental Health Network. Available by sending an E-mail request to SEHN:

Sclove, Richard E. 1998. "Better Approaches to Science Policy." Science, vol. 279 (27 Feb.), p. 1283.

Sclove, Richard E. 1995a. "Putting Science to Work in Communities." The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vol. 41, no. 29 (31 March): pp. B1-B3.

Sclove, Richard E., Madeleine Scammell, and Breena Holland, with the assistance of Faranaz Alimohamed, Jeff Hobson, Tim Johnston, Danny Murphy, Dug North, Marcie A. Sclove, Tina Swift, and Scott Waltz. Community-Based Research in the United States: An Introductory Reconnaissance Including Twelve Organizational Case Studies and Comparison with the Dutch Science Shops and with the Mainstream American Research System. Amherst , MA : The Loka Institute, July 1998.

Snyder, Will, Madeleine Scammell, and Phil Shepard. 1997 "Building a Community Research Network: Report of the 1996 Community Research Network Conference, Amherst, Massachusetts." Amherst , MA : The Loka Institute and UMass Extension.

Tattersall, Philip J. "COMMUNITY BASED AUDITING: EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY TO TAKE CHARGE: pathways to a just and sustainable society." Community Research Network Conference 2003.

Thomas, Tom, and Sridharan, Karuna. October 2003. "Learning with communities: An experience of poor community women monitoring all the anti-poverty programs of their municipality." Community Research Network Conference 2003.

Williams, Lee, ed. 1996. "An Annotated Bibliography for Participatory and Collaborative Field Research Methods." Knoxville , TN : Community Partnership Center , University of Tennessee . Available from the Community Partnership Center, University of Tennessee- Knoxville, Hoskins Library, Room 108N, 1401 Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, TN 37996-4015, USA; E-mail:

Other Publications:

Duke University Press has just published Citizens, Experts, and  Environment: The Politics of Local Knowledge by Frank Fischer. For more details about this book and ordering information, please go to