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Community Research Network

The CRN held six conferences with worldwide attendance from 1998 – 2003, and Loka has published several landmark studies on CBR.  These activities have helped spark the global growth of CBR and served as a strong voice for genuine community control. We see CBR as a significant platform for challenging and transforming the entire mainstream research and development system, and have advocated its use as a tool for policy development in arenas such as nanotechnology design and use. Look for our next study, Community-Based Research:  A Progress Report by Rick Worthington, in early 2008. 

CRN has not been active for several years, for a
few reasons. First, our funders turned their attention
elsewhere; second, the number of organizations (most of them
early members of CRN) organizing conferences has increased
enormously during the same period, many network needs have
been met by growth elsewhere; finally, we don't have any
staff to write grant proposals, etc. If you have ideas and
energy for re-kindling this network, please let us know!

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