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Community Research Network 4th Annual Conference


"Re-shaping the Culture of Research: People, Participation,
Partnerships and Practical Tools"


July 6-8, 2001***University of Texas-Austin

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1. When is the 4th Annual CRN Conference?

2. Where is the 4th Annual CRN Conference?

3. What is the theme of the conference?

4. Where will conference participants be housed?

5. What is the registration fee?

6. Are scholarships available? How do I apply?

7. How do I register?

8. Who can I contact if I have more questions?

9. What if I have special needs?



1. The conference will be held July 6-8, 2001.

2. The location of the conference will be the University of Texas in Austin.

3. "Re-shaping the Culture of Research", will be to a large extent participant-driven. Scheduled speakers will address issues that are of critical importance to the progress of community-based research. Following a modified version of a technique known as "open space technology" (for more information about this, see (http://www.tmn.com/openspace), participants will group themselves into circles to probe more deeply into the issues that have been raised during plenary discussions and seminars. In addition, there will be scheduled sessions focusing on building the CRN at the local, regional and international levels. Scheduled sessions and workshops will also be devoted to providing specific tools for community-based research practitioners. 

4. Those who registered, requesting on-site housing, as well as scholarship recipients will be housed in San Jacinto Residence Hall, a brand new facility, each room offering a private bath, 2 single beds, phone, internet access, micro fridge, and bed and bath linens. The cost is $35 per person per night for double occupancy. Singles are $70 per night. On-site housing is available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If you require housing for additional nights, please let us know in advance and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

5. The registration fees are in 3 categories:

Institutional Fee: $125.00

Regular Fee: $75.00

Low-income Fee: $25.00

6. Yes, we do have scholarships available. We want to ensure a diverse group of participants. We have limited funds to assist people who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. For those in need of financial assistance, you are welcome to apply for either a partial or full scholarship. Scholarship applications can be found at: http://www.loka.org/conf2001/scholarships.htm The deadline for scholarship applications is May 1, 2001. Notification will be by May 11, 2001. Applications can be mailed to The Loka Institute, PO Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004, faxed to 413-559-5811, or emailed to Loka@Loka.org.

7. To register for the conference please fill out the form found at: http://www.loka.org/conf2001/registration.htm
Registration deadline is June 15, 2001. There will be no refunds on registration fees after June 18, 2001. Registration forms can be mailed to The Loka Institute, PO Box 355, Amherst, MA 01004, faxed to 413-559-5811, or emailed to Loka@Loka.org.

8. Please contact The Loka Institute at Loka@Loka.org or call us at 413-559-5860.

9. If you have special needs of any kind, please indicate what they are on your scholarship application or registration form. We can get back to you with any concerns you might have if you let us know what they are. Also feel free to contact us at 413-559-5860.



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