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Community Research Network 4th Annual Conference

University of Texas--Austin, July 6-8, 2001

"Re-shaping the Culture of Research: People, Participation,
Partnerships and Practical Tools"

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Community-based research (CBR), conducted by, with and for communities, is a powerful tool that enables citizens to deal with real problems and socio-economic inequities. It is increasingly used by citizens to determine how and to what purpose research will be conducted in their communities, and to develop action-oriented outcomes.

The 2001 CRN Conference will provide an interactive forum for local, regional and international networks, grassroots organizers, researchers, practitioners, students, funders, and public institutions to move still closer to the ideals of community-based research.  Among those ideals are (1) People -- the inclusion of all segments of a community's population; -- (2) Participation -- in the form of genuine and effective involvement of all community interest groups; (3) Partnerships -- unity gained by fostering partnerships and using the resources of community residents, academic institutions, business, nonprofit, and government agencies; and (4) Practical tools -- applying techniques that enhance community participation in research, and contribute to shared accountability and outcomes.

As in the past, the conference will be a celebration of what has already been achieved by CBR and an occasion to share a wealth of community knowledge. It will be a bridging of diverse cultures, creating knowledge, helping each of us to learn how our own research agendas relate to those that emerge from other points of view.  By coming together to examine and discuss relevant issues, the CRN conference will provide a valuable forum to create and sustain community-based research, and to develop strategies for overcoming obstacles to democratic decision-making.

University of Texas Main Campus PCL Area & the San Jacinto Residence Hall


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