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STS in Action


Science, Technology & Society (STS) in Action is a project based on the premises that scholars who study the links between science, technology, and society can be important collaborators in a wide array of practical undertakings, and that public conversations about such partnerships will maximize their positive social and ecological impacts.

We seek to create space here for scholars working on science and society issues to describe how they engage with practically oriented constituencies, including community-based organizations, applied researchers, NGOs, government, and business.

The project began as a platform for faculty, staff, and students at academic institutions, and was launched by a workshop in 2008 (see the STS in Action Workshop Abstracts). Although there has been little input since an initial surge of activity, we see this project as more relevant than ever. So we welcome input from anyone who is interested in sharing their experiences and working with these issues. Change takes time and follows mysterious paths.

To expand this dialogue about and for engagement, we invite responses to a set of questions that will provide a common framework for replies (please follow the link below).

Responses can be submitted as email text or as an attachment to our STS mailbox. Please include your name and institutional affiliation on the document if you wish to be identified.