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Nov 1 : The new Loka Institute website launches.


Loka News

Recent Media Coverage and Publications

Finley, Sarah L., "Tailoring technology to our needs", Daily Hampshire Gazette, (December 28, 2001)

Read about the (Community Research) Network and science shops in a recent article published in Nature magazine.

Richard Sclove's recent article, "Reclaiming Choice" can be found in the Fall 2001 edition of Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures.

Chopyak, Jill and Peter Levesque. "Public Participation in Science and Technology: Decision-Making: Trends for the Future", in Technology in Society (Forthcoming, Fall 2001)

Chopyak, Jill et al. "Community-based participatory research: Implications for science and technology decision-making in the United States", in Encylopedia of Life Support Systems (forthcoming, Fall 2001).

Democracy flourishes on the Internet: By Gary Chapman Thursday, July 12, 2001. An article that includes a report on the CRN 2001 Conference in Austin, TX.

"Interview with Loka Founder and Advisory Board member, Richard Sclove in CIO Magazine, October 1, 2000."

Sclove, Richard E. "STS on Other Planets," in Visions of STS, eds. Stephen H. Cutcliffe and Carl Mitcham (SUNY Press, 2000). 

Sclove, Richard E. "Counter the Cybernetic Wal-Mart Effect," The Christian Science Monitor, (March 28, 2000), p. 11.