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Nov 1: The new Loka Institute website launches.


Loka People

"Loka in Boxes"

Loka was founded in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1996, located in office
space generously donated by Hampshire College. We later moved to
Washington D.C. where the International Center for Technology Assessment
provided us space and a mailbox in their offices, on Pennsylvania
Avenue, no less! During an interlude in 2005 Loka took up residence at
home offices in Houston and Austin. By summer of 2006, we had no office
at all, but we did have 16 boxes of documents which might generously be
called archives.

In the photo to the left (taken June 5, 2007), Loka friends Katie Beaton and Rick Worthington celebrate "Livin' la Vida Loka" (bumper sticker in Katie's hand) after sorting and organizing everything that Loka is, materially speaking, into 6 boxes, now located somewhere in Claremont, California.


"Loka in Paris"




Pictured from left to right at the Living Knowledge 3 Conference September 2007 are Dick Sclove (Founder and Senior Fellow), Khan Rahi (Community Research Network), Rick Worthington (Board of Trustees), Peter Levesque (former Trustee).