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Exploring Citizen Panels' Future

Loka is taking part this spring in a Berlin workshop to discuss and debate the future of citizen panels — including, for example, consensus conferences, citizen juries, and planning cells — as a way to increase public participation in policymaking for sustainable development. The workshop, "Challenging Futures of Citizen Panels," is sponsored by the Innovation in Governance Research Group at the Technical University Berlin.


Loka Helps Organize ECAST:
Expert & Citizen Assessment of Science & Technology

Loka is one of five organizations developing ECAST, an innovative new network that promotes Participatory Technology Assessment, or pTA. Our goal is to make sure that everyone's expertise and everyone's concerns are formally included in rigorous assessments early on. Otherwise, new designs and uses of technologies are developed and become quickly entrenched before the public has had a chance to weigh their potential consequences, or to participate in meaningful ways in decisions about them.

The vision inspiring the new network stems from a presentation by Loka's founder, Richard Sclove: Reinventing Technology Assessment: A 21st Century Model. ECAST will push to engage both traditionally credentialed experts and the rest of the world's experts on technology impacts - ordinary citizens and stakeholders from all walks of life. All of us are affected by technological change. So all of our voices should be represented at the policymaking table. Learn more.


Loka's Work with World Wide Views

Loka, as a national partner for the World Wide Views citizen consultation process, helps to organize and convene U.S. participants for World Wide Views events. The first World Wide Views, in 2009, focused on global warming. The second World Wide Views, on biodiversity, took place in September, 2012. How it works: On a single day, at dozens of sites around the world, a demographically diverse group of about 100 people gather to review background materials, discuss an identical set of questions, and then vote their recommendations to the world's policymakers. Learn more.

Participants in Arizona WWV

     Participants in Arizona WWV 2012


World Wide Views is an example of the social and political innovation that Loka promotes to broaden public participation in science and technology policymaking, toward a more democratic politics of technology.